OPAS, the leading international Orchestra Planning and Administration Software

The administrative and planning tasks of orchestras require a heavy investment of time and a significant logistical effort. Reasons for this include the requirements of different departments (event planning, contracts, tours, accountings, duties management, …) and the huge amount of data that is needed and produced. These can be compounded by the size of the orchestra, its complex environment and the necessity of planning years ahead. For an efficient workflow, it’s very important to be able to access and work with up-to-date information, and from several workstations that are often located in different spaces.

A multitude of orchestras of different sizes has already decided to face their challenge with the help of OPAS. More than 250 clients from Australia over Europe to the USA trust in our know-how in the cultural sector and the reliable expertise and individual strength of OPAS.

OPAS has been customized to the needs of orchestra administrations. All information for the orchestra is brought together in one central place, always quickly and easily accessible. All departments are linked and can use the available data. OPAS is the comprehensive software solution for your entire data handling.

OPAS has been developed by Wölbitsch & Partner KG in close collaboration with several orchestras, Fine Arts Management in the USA, Artifax Computer Software Ltd. in Great Britain and the American Symphony Orchestra League.

On the international market you cannot find another product comparable to OPAS when it comes to flexibility and functional scope. For over 20 years OPAS has been the No. 1 software worldwide for orchestra administration.


10 convincing arguments:

organizes and eases daily work
_ reduces mistakes and expenses
_ makes you work more efficiently
_ has numerous functionalities
_ satisfies all needs of an orchestra administration
_ is flexible and individually customizable
_ provides quick and easy support
_ central and homogenous data processing

_ reliable for over 25 years
_ continuously enhanced and amended based on user requests




OPAS offers a functional calendar, clearly displaying events in a traditional calendar format. Choose between year, month or week view by clicking the corresponding icons.

“The calendar Display”: displays dates efficiently grouped by projects, event types, venues, conductors, soloists etc. The colour distinction between individual dates within a group enhances the clarity of the schedule’s structure.

Pop up windows show the details for every activity. The chosen date can be opened with a mouse click, allowing you to view or change any detail of the activity. Keep track with the OPAS calendar area!


Enter all event types and all the details of your organization’s schedule into OPAS.
You can easily group activities into activities for orchestra, choir, technology, travel, internal or administrative activities, etc. OPAS will save all activity elements such as times, services, programs, projects, venues, conductors, soloists, works, choirs, instrumentation etc. Create checklists for each concert, attach all types and number of documents or digital files, and customize the data that is stored with information that meets the specific needs of your organization. OPAS can equally manage the needs and schedules of several ensembles at once.

Appointment of Personnel Services

With OPAS human resources management is as easy as it can be: Attach your orchestra and choir musicians and substitutes to the dates in your schedule.
OPAS will calculate and store the number of work hours, services and days for every single musician and for the section.

OPAS will calculate the planned and the scheduled services, observing the limits and rules you have entered for each individual musician or for the organization as a whole.
You can create personalized service schedules and attendance reports, and you will receive payroll calculations based on your specific payroll methods.


With OPAS you can create and manage contracts with soloists, conductors, substitutes, venues, agencies, etc.

You enter all details such as project, dates, program, fees, etc. Enter all special agreements and print the contract.

Create statistics for individual contract partners for any time period.
Generate the payroll for your substitutes based on configurable calculation methods and wages.


Record all information about rented scores and the permanent holdings of your orchestra. OPAS will save information about publisher, owner, supplier, costs, editions, etc… The library also contains comprehensive information about instrumentation – this information can be used to plan programs. The contents of the industry-standard David Daniels’ “Orchestral Music – 5th Edition” can also be purchased in OPAS format. This invaluable resource has over 8400 compositions with complete title, movement and instrumentation details.

Travel and Tours

OPAS saves all information about your travels, including dates, appointments, hotels, venues, participants, and transport cases.
Tour participants can be grouped according to hotels, busses, flights etc. Room and seat numbers as well as personal data (smoker, vegetarian, etc.) for each tour participant can also be recorded.

Create lists for rooms, visas, insurances, cargo etc. directly from OPAS.
Create checklists for tour operations, print itineraries, and verify the validity of the participants’ passports.
OPAS provides Visa Forms for many countries.

Calculations / Budgets

With OPAS you can create an overview over your expenses and earnings. You can save all financial information including the fees of soloists and conductors, travel costs, earnings from ticket sales, marketing costs, fees for substitutes, rental of venues, etc… You can create budgets and compare those to actual figures, and can group these figures by projects or addresses.

OPAS will automatically assign the costs that are to be expected for substitutes, transport, surcharges, etc. based on the program you planned.

Background data

OPAS allows you to systematize and organize your data with the help of fully customizable background data. All kind of data can be entered and linked to each other, if needed: Personnel, soloists, conductors, ensembles, venues, agencies, publishers, composers, works, projects, series, event types, instruments, transport cases, countries, languages, currencies, budgets, account numbers, etc…
Create circular letters, labels, emails, telephone lists, insurance lists, etc…
Export your data into different programs and formats – for example your web site or your handheld PC.

Information are always available via easy and quick filter functionalities and they can be exported in reports. Numerous preconfigured reports are available.
They can be customized and you can also have your own reports, fitting your needs perfectly and looking like you are used to. Print a report and make information available outside of OPAS!

An investment in OPAS will be recouped very quickly because of the multitude of usage possibilities and the comprehensive scope of services of our software – contact us today for an unbinding offer!



OPAS offers even more!

There are several different add-ons you can purchase to enhance your OPAS experience. Add-ons cover a variety of functions and can be designed to work with any program area. We currently feature these popular add-ons:

OPAS Drag/Drop Seating:

With the OPAS Drag/Drop Seating add-on you can easily manage concert rostering by dragging/dropping musicians into the proper seating or rotation. This add-on is integrated within OPAS and works seamlessly with the Service Attendance and personnel areas.
Standard reports are available, but of course customizations are possible.

David Daniels’ Orchestral Music Repertoire Database:

This English compendium contains more than 7800 works and 1000 composers with detailed information to e.g. title, duration, year of composition, instrumentation and publisher. The David Daniels’ Orchestral Music Repertoire database can be integrated in your OPAS or can be available in a separate database.  (see comments above in the “Library” section)

OPAS Quickbooking:

With OPAS Quickbooking you can manage and book your rooms quickly and easily and with a venue-based overview. This add-on to OPAS has been developed especially for the management of multiple rooms. Create, move or copy new bookings and reservations quickly with the drag/drop and copy/paste functionality.

Interface to Eventmanagement Software:

ARTIFAXevent is used to manage artistic and production schedules, education programmes, venue hire and tour scheduling. It streamlines your business processes and puts critical information at your fingertips.