OPAS Online

OPAS Online is an add-on to OPAS and represents our ongoing commitment to incorporating web technology.

Information you define is copied – manually and/or automatically – from OPAS on your local server to our web server (located in Germany).
The web server is hosted by us; no changes to your local OPAS installation are required.

You can access OPAS Online in every browser and is accessible from wherever you are.

Secure and individual logins provide protection against unauthorized access.
You define the data available in OPAS Online.

With OPAS Online, an unlimited number of authorized users have simultaneous access to you OPAS data.

User rights management settings define who has access to which area and who is allowed to read information and even to write Information.


Orchestermanagement Kalender und Home

The heart of OPAS Online is the calendar, showing specific events with detailed information customized for different user groups.

With OPAS Online you can manage your service attendance. With simple clicks/tabs you can assign attendance, even on-site! You can also record realtime presences and absences

In the documents area you can make downloadable files and documents available, in all common formats!

In the integrated News center you can communicate news and information to musicians and colleagues.

Changes to events or general information are provided in one central place – available to staff anytime and anywhere, always up-to-date.

Additional Features:
repertoire, address book, composers, duties, works, checklists, …

In OPAS Online you can make any OPAS data available and searchable. Events, projects, composers, works and addresses are available, just like you are used to in OPAS.
Several filter functionalities help you locate the right information – anytime and anywhere.



OPAS Online module overview

Orchestra Management OPAS Online