OPAS Hosting

With OPAS Hosting you can access OPAS, additional programmes and your Data from all over the world! And with OPAS Hosting, your IT infrastructure will be freed from OPAS duties!
OPAS is installed on a server provided by us that can be accessed via VPN and/or a remote desktop connection. The server resides in Germany as is hosted by a renowned provider.

For you, we have assembled an attractive software package:
In addition to OPAS you receive supporting software – for example Open Office and Thunderbird. We ensure regular and automatic backups of your data and we run updates for OPAS and the additional software – free of charge and without any need for you to manage maintenance schedules.

It is possible to adapt the utilized capacity to your actual need, even in the short-term!

Your data are secured by SSL safety certificates and password-protected access.
Contact us for detailed information and a non-binding offer!