OPAS Calendar phone app


The OPAS Calendar phone app for iOS and Android devices is our newest development in the OPAS product line.

With our OPAS Calendar phone app you can check your diary comfortably and on the move.

OPAS Calendar phone app is fed by the data processed for OPAS Online and will therefore provide only the most relevant data.
The phone app does not need access to your system.

The OPAS phone app features modern design and easy-to-use swipe-navigation.

OPAS Calendar provides an overview for your organization’s schedule, and highlights different event types by colour.
With the OPAS Calendar phone app, you always have an overview of your activities, seen by the month/week/day and you can also choose the list view to see the activities within your selected day.
If you wish to have more detailed information for any event, simply tap the event and a popup window opens, presenting a detailed overview with relevant information.

OPAS App zur Verwaltung Ihrer Orchestermusiker